Successful In Medical Entrancs
Swasata Chowdhury WB JEE Rank 66 JU CSE

"Giren sir help me clear the fundamentals really well which provided impetus to my JEE rank. His sessions provide exhaustive practise that boosted my ability to handle time crunches really well. "

Chiranjib Bhattacherjee WB JEE Rank 953 IIEST Shibpur

"The extremely simplified way of explaining mechanisms in organic to shortcuts in inorganic and easy ways to remember in Physical chemistry, be it formulas or the Entire Periodic Table, Giren Sir teaching style is made chemistry appreciable."

Trishit Chakraborty Rampurhat Govt Medical College

"I scored poor 4/180 in 2018 in NEET chemistry.But Giren Sir's ability to teach organic,inorganic,physical chemistry helped me scored 140/180 in NEET 2019.Thank you so much Sir."

Words of Appreciation
"Giren Sir taught us not only the reactions but also explained the step by step mechanism that helped a lot to retain it into memory for a longer period of time. Thank you very much!!"
Sushant Shaw
Jadavpur University CSE
"As a repeater I mostly focused on Chemistry in JEE Advanced. My sole mediator and guide in my toil was GirenSir. My Chemistry marks was highest among all three subjects."
"Sir, it has been a pleasure studying under you! Those 2 years were really productive. Chemistry was my weakest part! But you taught us in such a broad spectrum which helped us all."
IIT Roorkee, CSE
"During my M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) project I came closely associated with our beloved Sinha da. He guided me all along to complete it successfully. With his immense knowledge, extremely pleasant attitude always makes good impression on students he deals with."
Susanta Kumar Patra
DGM – Technology, ATG , Israel
"Sir Debaprasad Sinha was always incredibly patient regardless of how many mistakes I made. In fact, I ended up liking Maths so much due to his tutoring. Years later, he helped me get through the GRE to apply for my PhD. I will always be indebted to him for his contribution in my career."
Sohini Kumar
PhD - Research Scholar, Stony Brook University, New York
"Sinha Sir was my mathematics guide for a good 3 years and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. I did not fear the subject anymore and he made everything look so simple and conceptual. He made sure that learning the concept was the key to good scores. Thank you Very Much Sir."
Anwesa Sil
Teaching Assistant, University of Maine, United States
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